How does the users’ database work?

Each time a user interacts with one of your Chatbot, the bots creates a new entry for this user in it own database. You can find every bots’ databases using the “WP Chatbot => Users” submenu.

When you click on an user name, you can find :

  • Every data he gave to the bot (like his email, his name, or whatever the bot asked).
  • Every choices he did when interacting with the bot.

It’s a very powerful tool to learn more about your users.

How to stop storing users’ data?

If you want your bot to stop storing data for each user, go to the “under the hood” subsection of your bot building page, then check the box “stop storing data”.

How to export data in a nice way?

To export users’ data, install the free plugin called WP Export, which allows you to export every data of your WP with great output formats (like CSV).

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