How to create your very first Chatbot?

Once you installed the plugin, you can find a new menu in your WordPress backoffice.

Click on “Create new bot” to start.

Discover the building page

The building page is divided into 3 parts :

  1. Informations about your bot.
  2. Content of the discussion.
  3. Advanced settings to customise your bot.

1. Informations about the bot

In this part, you can :

  • Set up the name of your bot.
  • Chose an avatar.
  • Change the skin and some colors.

Every changes you’ll make here will be visible by users.

2. Discussion of the bot

WPChatbot provides a very simple way to build a chatbot :

  • Your bot ask question or send message to people,
  • Then people can interact with that question or message with a text, a button or a link.

Here is an example of how you can create an interaction :

When they reply to your bot, you can ask people :

  • To tap a button, then display another bot’s question.
  • To write something (a text, their e-mail adress, their phone number…).
  • To visit an external link.

You can add as many interactions as you want, using the vertical tab :

You can find some interesting demo of WPChatbot here.

3. Advanced settings

In this section, you can configure the sidebar of the bot (it’s the side part on the Chatbot window). Click here to learn mode about sidebars customisation.

You can also compute your results, using 3rd party services. For now, you can just send a transcript by e-mail, but new features are coming :

In the “under the hood” subsection, you can find some very advanced settings. For instance, you can stop storing every user data in your database. It’s useful if you manage huge amount of trafic on your chatbot, and if you don’t need data :

How to publish a chatbot ?

Once you have created your chatbot, click on the “save” button at the top right corner of the building page :

When you save your bot, it’s immediately available to people who know it URL. You can find the URL of your bot under the title’s field, as any WordPress page:

Can I integrate my Chatbot into an existing page?

Yup, it’s possible. Click here to learn how it works.

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