Best Chatbot plugin for WordPress in 2017

There are a lot of ways to create your own chatbot on WordPress today. Some of them require some technical skills, some don’t.

Facebook is already leading the chatbot market. A lot of web services allow you to build a Facebook chatbot for Messenger. I’m sure that using Facebook for your chatbot is not a good idea for 3 reasons.

  • People don’t want to allow chatbot to spam their discussions.
  • Some people are not on Facebook, or they don’t want to interact with Facebook.
  • Facebook begins to impose some painful rules to users (ads, guidelines, …).

How to create a chatbot for WordPress ?

If you want to build your own chatbot, without using Facebook or any other API, you can use WP Chatbot.

WP Chatbot is a Wordress plugin which allows you to create your chatbot on your WordPress site without any technical skills. Click here to see some great examples!

An example of WP Chatbot

What can you do with WP Chatbot?

You can :

  • Automate your support. Your customer are the same as mine : they don’t read the FAQ. Use your chatbot to automate your customer relationship, and save a lot of time and energy!
  • Automate your sales. Add the chatbot in your sales funnels and help people to find the best product, the best offer for their needs. Success guaranteed.
  • Probably a lot of other stuff for your business.

How to build your first chatbot for WordPress ?

Easy, dude.

  1. Install WP Chatbot.
  2. Click on “create a chatbot”.
  3. Use the easy graphical interface to build your chatbot.
Create a chatbot with a nice UI.

What’s in the next update ?

OMG. A lot of new crazy features. Ask me something you want to do with your chatbot, and I’ll do my best to add this feature. The roadmap is still available here : WP Chatbot Roadmap.

Download WP Chatbot

You can download WP Chatbot by clicking here, with 6 months of free support. I’m glad to talk with you in the comments if you have some questions about WP Chatbot.


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  1. Hi Stephane,

    I dropped you a message a few days ago asking you whether WPChatbot can support multiple select of choices. Some question scenarios require such support. Would you be able to shed light on this?

    • Hey Stephen! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive anything from you! Where did you write me? Feel free to contact me at if you want to talk by email.

      Your got a great idea. I will add “multiple choices” as soon as possible, because as you said, it looks like an important feature. I’ll keep you in touch here, or by e-mail, if you want.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Stephane,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Are you able to give an indication on when this multiple choices feature can be done? say, within a month?

    I have another question: I’m hoping to be able to show an image of, say, a car in the dialogue with the user and have the user tap/click on a part of the car, and the coordinates of the click will be sent back to wpchatbot for further processing (to figure out which part of the car the user has clicked) and further the conversation. Can you advise how this can be done? Or will this also need a new feature to be built?

    • Hey,

      Within a month, I hope! I really hope. It depends on my planing but it seems to be a good ETA.

      About your second question : unfortunately, it’s a very specific feature. I don’t have any solution for you right now, maybe in the future. But for now, I got a ton of major features to release before releasing specific features. Maybe you can find a freelance on Envato Studio or similar, to work on that?

      Good luck! Thanks for your message, have a nice day.

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